Environmental Law Program faculty and students work on a wide array of environmental issues. Recent clinical student projects, for example, range from an amicus brief for a case about genetically modified alfalfa to a study recommending changes to a state tax code to enable more installation of renewable energy. Our faculty have worked on prominent issues, ranging from climate change to the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf.

Across environmental law, ELP will continue to make a deep impact – look for ELP to continue to tackle the most pressing energy and environmental issues of our time.

This page highlights issues where ELP has had a sustained focus, enabling students to develop areas of expertise and faculty to become leading experts in these areas. The issues include:

  • Clean Air Act Regulation of Greenhouse Gases: A landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2007 paved the way for EPA regulation of greenhouse gases. ELP faculty and students have played critically important roles since the beginning.
  • Shale Gas Policy: ELP has worked to provide guidance to people affected by shale gas development, investigated best regulatory practices, and analyzed the role that information disclosure plays in regulating development.
  • Offshore drilling: Clinical students have investigated regulation and oversight of offshore drilling, particularly in the Arctic.