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Nothing New in Department of Energy Grid Study

Ari Peskoe – August 24, 2017 In April, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry issued a memo to Department of Energy (DOE) staff, requesting a study of electricity markets and reliability, with a focus on whether “baseload” power plants are being: 1) harmed by EPA regulations and renewable energy programs and 2) adequately compensated for the […]

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Freeman on the Uncomfortable Convergence of Energy and Environmental Law

In her latest Harvard Environmental Law Review article, Archibald Cox Professor of Law Jody Freeman examines the relationship between energy and environmental law, two historically disparate fields, which some scholars suggest have been “converging” in recent years. Freeman offers a more tempered view, arguing that true “convergence” between energy and environmental law remains elusive. Using detailed examples from some of the most prominent […]

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Fracking and Drinking Water: Konschnik Speaks at NGA’s Water Policy Institute

ELP Executive Director Kate Konschnik spoke at the National Governors Association’s Water Policy Institute in Annapolis on August 8, about protecting drinking water while developing shale energy. The National Governors Association hosted the two-day conference to inform state advisers about new research and best practices in water management, covering topics such as infrastructure, conservation, financing, […]

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