Professor Lazarus: NYT Quote of the Day

“Just the number of environmental rollbacks in this time frame is astounding. Pruitt has come in with a real mission,” Professor Richard Lazarus was quoted in the Sunday, July 2nd New York Times (a day earlier in the online edition). The Quote of the Day, from the front page story “E.P.A. Chief Voids Obama-Era Rules In Blazing Start,” highlights the environmental rules EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is attempting to roll back and notes that the agency’s career staff say that they have been largely cut out of the process. Lazarus went on to say that Pruitt “is much more organized, much more focused than the other cabinet-level officials, who have not really taken charge of their agencies. It’s very striking how much they’ve done.”

The article describes Pruitt’s “Back to Basics” regulatory approach as returning environmental protection to the states and focusing on “tangible” pollution, such as hazardous waste. Pruitt’s EPA has rolled back more regulations since his appointment than any other administration has done in a similar time period, according to the New York Times article.

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