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Regulating Stability: Konschnik on Fracking, Earthquakes, and Compensation

Earthquakes increased in number and geographic distribution in the US between 2009 and 2015. In 2009, Oklahoma had 20 earthquakes of 3.0 magnitude or greater. That number jumped to 585 in 2014—triple the rate of similarly sized earthquakes in California—and 907 in 2015. In many cases, the quakes appear to be “induced” by hydraulic fracturing […]

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Konopacky Hosts Briefing for Hill Staff on Clean Water and the Farm Bill

On July 11, Environmental Policy Initiative attorney and watershed policy fellow Jamie Konopacky traveled to Washington, DC to host briefings on and off Capitol Hill for Congressional staff and environmental and policy groups. 25 key agriculture staff from Democratic and Republic offices and several groups attended the events. Briefing participants were introduced to the new […]

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Konopacky Talks Clean Water: How Wisconsin Shows the Way Forward

Runoff carrying nutrients and sediment from urban and agricultural areas impairs water quality across the US. Managing this pollution can be very challenging, but attorney and Environmental Policy Initiative Fellow Jamie Konopacky suggests a better way forward using Wisconsin as a case study. In her new article “Battling the (Algae) Bloom: Watershed Policies and Plans in Wisconsin,” in […]

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Professor Lazarus: NYT Quote of the Day

“Just the number of environmental rollbacks in this time frame is astounding. Pruitt has come in with a real mission,” Professor Richard Lazarus was quoted in the Sunday, July 2nd New York Times (a day earlier in the online edition). The Quote of the Day, from the front page story “E.P.A. Chief Voids Obama-Era Rules In […]

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