Lazarus Argues Before Supreme Court

Monday, March 20 was a busy day in Washington, DC, including at the Supreme Court. Professor Richard Lazarus argued before the Supreme Court in Murr v. Wisconsin. The case addresses an important regulatory takings issue stemming from the 1978 case Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York City. The Court is considering how to define the baseline “parcel as a whole” to determine whether government action constitutes a regulatory taking. As the advocate for St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Professor Lazarus argued that to determine the “denominator” of property at issue in a regulatory taking analysis, the Court should consider multiple factors: economic impact, reasonable expectations based on state law, and physical and geographic characteristics of the parcel. Professor Lazarus is an experienced Supreme Court advocate who has participated in 42 cases and 14 oral arguments.

Listen to the oral argument here.
Read analysis of oral argument from SCOTUS Blog here.

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