Jody Freeman and Carl Pope Win Debate about EPA Authority

Has EPA gone overboard in its regulation? Is the Clean Power Plan an innovative initiative for cutting power plant pollution or does it exceed constitutional limits? These questions animated a debate in which Professor Jody Freeman and former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope squared off against Charles Connell of Rice University and Michael Nasi, an environmental and energy attorney. Intelligence Squared hosted the debate, which was held on September 7 before a live audience and broadcast to viewers on a livestream.

Freeman and Pope, who argued that that Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan and other pollution control policies are firmly within legal bounds, won the debate. Audience members weighed in by voting before and after the debate, both live and online. In the live audience, Freeman and Pope’s position won with 72% support. In the online audience, they won with 68% of votes, picking up all of the previously undecided voters and swaying 12% of the other side’s previous supporters. Find out more about the debate here.

The victorious debate team, Jody Freeman and Carl Pope.

The victorious debate team, Jody Freeman and Carl Pope.

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