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ELP Weighs in on EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan

On August 3, 2015, the U.S. EPA issued the final Clean Power Plan, the first-ever federal rule that requires cuts in carbon emissions from existing power plants. Regulated plants can comply by burning cleaner natural gas instead of coal, generating energy from renewable sources, implementing energy efficiency programs, or holding emission reduction credits. ELP faculty […]

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Freeman and Lazarus in The Guardian: the legal and political challenges ahead

In an article published on August 5, Professors Jody Freeman and Richard Lazarus argue that while the Clean Power Plan faces legal challenges, the political risks to the rule may be far greater. EPA’s rule, issued on August 3, sets the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants under the Clean Air […]

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Professor Lazarus Shares Lessons from U.S. Environmental Law in Japan

At the University of Tokyo on July 9, Professor Richard Lazarus spoke before an audience of Japanese Supreme Court Justices, University of Tokyo law faculty and students, and the Chief Justice of the United States. Professor Lazarus described the present state of U.S. environmental law, highlighting both its successes and its current challenges. “Just as […]

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Freeman and Konschnik on the Clean Power Plan in The New York Times: A Climate Plan Businesses Can Like

In an op-ed published on August 3, Professor Jody Freeman and Kate Konschnik argue that “[m]any big players in the electric power industry will gain more with [ EPA’s Clean Power Plan ] in place than if the courts strike it down.” EPA’s Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide emissions from […]

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Jody Freeman in Politico: Key Changes in EPA’s Clean Power Plan

In an article published in Politco, Professor Jody Freeman argues that the goverment’s chances of successfully defending the final Clean Power Plan rule “just got a significant boost.” In the article, Professor Freeman highlights five key changes in the final rule compared to the proposal EPA released in June 2014: The rule places the regulatory […]

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