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Harvard Environmental Economics Program Seeks RA for Research on Multilateral Agreements

The Harvard Environmental Economics Program is working on an important, new initiative to explore ways in the which the new international climate agreement to be concluded in 2015 could either facilitate or hinder linkage among regional, national, and sub-national cap-and-trade systems. An important part of this research project will involve the examination of other international […]

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EPI Publishes Peer-Reviewed Article on Fracking in Environmental Science & Technology

EPI Policy Director, Kate Konschnik with Mark Boling of Southwestern Energy has published a peer-reviewed article on approaches to risk mitigation in the shale gas context. The paper will be published as part of a special issue on Shale Gas Development: Risk and Risk Governance, which is a collection of papers coming out of the National Research Council conference […]

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Policy Initiative Publishes Report on Energy Efficiency

The Policy Initiative released a report entitled Efficiency Rules: The Case for End-Use Energy Efficiency Programs in the Section 111(d) Rule for Existing Power Plants.  The paper concludes that EE can play two roles in EPA’s power plant rule.  First, EPA should set the stringency of its GHG emission guidelines based in part on EE’s ability to […]

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